FEDERAL ELECTION 2022: Putting the care back into healthcare

FEDERAL ELECTION 2022: Putting the care back into healthcare

Putting the care back into healthcare

Joint letter from Queensland-based consumer, community and clinician groups

In a powerful demonstration of consumer-led partnerships, and a first in Queensland, 13 organisations have come together to write a joint letter to all political parties and candidates contesting the 2022 Federal election. The issues raised in the letter are concerns shared by health stakeholders across Australia.

The letter calls on all parties and candidates to commit to innovating and improving our health system so it is healthier, agile, collaborative and better able to meet the diverse needs of Queenslanders – all while being affordable and accessible for all people.

Download and read the open letter here

What can health consumers do to share the letter?

How can organisations use the letter?

The letter calls for action to provide equity of access and priority given to the healthcare needs of

  • First Nations peoples
  • People with disability and complex health needs
  • People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • Older people
  • Rural and remote communities

It also urges improved integration between primary, community and tertiary healthcare, and a consumer-centred healthcare system. (more…)

Issues Paper: Making sense of Omicron

Issues Paper: Making sense of Omicron

Key topics in this issue:

  • System capacity is a concern for many consumers, with ramping, backlog of delayed treatments and screening, and underutilization of the surge workforce 
  • COVID Information is still challenging, although improved Consumer and clinicians are often not finding the information they need. 
  • Complacency: There is a perception that the public consider Omicron no more dangerous than a cold, and this is leading a relaxation of precautions.  

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