Celebrating consumer appointments between January and July 2022

Congratulations to all the consumers and carers from HCQ’s network who have been appointed to consumer partnership roles on long-term, system-wide committees, focus groups or working groups as well as other activities with Queensland Health and other health organisations.

Between January and July this year we received a record number of expressions of interest – 253! – for consumer partnering roles and opportunities and a substantial increase in the number of consumers being accepted for these roles with 195 consumers accepted!

Consumers are now involved and influencing many different areas right across health including:


Radical thinking by consumers and clinicians leads to innovative solutions

Radical thinking has led to innovative solutions and recommendations for the delivery of high quality and safe health care, following Queensland Clinical Senate’s* latest meeting series Reimagining healthcare: for the next phase and beyond  which was held between March and June 2022.

Twelve consumers worked together with clinicians from across the health system to identify what access to quality care could look like in the near future.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health consumers inform their HHS Health Equity Strategies

Health Consumers Queensland is undertaking a project on behalf of the Queensland Health Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Division supporting consultation with community for participating Hospitals and Health Services.

To date, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health consumers have hosted yarning circles with their community members in Townsville, Mackay, Metro South, West Moreton, Gold Coast and for Children’s Health Queensland. Through the yarning circles, community members are able to share their stories and recommendations to inform their local HHS Health Equity Strategies.