Groundbreaking appointment of consumer representatives to Queensland Health Tier 2 Committees

Health Consumers Queensland is delighted to announce that, for the first time in our public health system’s history, consumers are sitting across almost all the key governance committees in the Department of Health (known as Tier 2 System Advisory Committees).

Eight out of the nine committees have representation from consumers, clinicians and First Nations people as well as an organisational representative from Health Consumers Queensland. The System Management Advisory Committee is the only exception, with a decision by the Chairs to have clinicians and First Nations people on the Tier 2 committee, and consumers on their Tier 3 sub-committees.

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Join the new strategic, high level System Information Communication Technologies Advisory Committee

Closing date: 9am, Friday 2 July

Are you a consumer or carer representative with extensive committee experience, either at the Hospital and Health Service, or Statewide level? Can you demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the Queensland Health system? Do you have an interest in information management, cyber security, protection of data and technology to ensure safe, consistent and effective exchange of information that enables access, availability and protection of data?


Join the First Nations Health Improvement Advisory Committee

Closing date extended: 5pm, Thursday 25th March 2021

The Department of Health is offering one First Nations’ health consumer representative the opportunity to be a member of the First Nations Health Improvement Advisory Committee (Committee). This is a strategic, high level Committee that helps support key health system priorities with the aim to remove barriers so health outcomes and experiences are improved for Queensland’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


First Nations’ Consumer Representative Opportunity: Patient Access Advisory Committee Member

Closing date: 9am, Thursday 4th February 2021.

The Department of Health is providing one (1) First Nations’ health consumer representative the opportunity to participate in the Patient Access Advisory Committee (PAAC) to help establish system-level performance oversight and monitoring of Patient Flow in Queensland Public Hospitals.


The Patient Access Advisory Committee (PAAC) is a Tier 3 committee to provide strategic advice to the System Management Advisory Committee (SMC) on issues affecting consumer access to public acute health services and timely flow through the episode of patient care.

The primary functions of the Committee are to:

  1. Provide strategic advice to Queensland Health System Management Advisory Committee (SMAC) on strategies to support system-wide opportunities for improvement in patient flow, with the goal to improve access to care.
  2. Review and refine existing protocols to align to best practice and ensure safety and quality of service delivery is maintained.
  3. Understand key pressure points of patient flow in the system to target service improvement.


Integrated Commissioning and Health Needs Working Group

Closing date: 9am Thursday 5 November, 2020

Queensland Department of Health

The Department of Health is providing (1) one health consumer representative a unique opportunity to be part of an Integrated Commissioning and Health Needs Working Group (ICHNWG) to oversee and support health needs-based integrated commissioning work across Queensland Health.
ICHNWG is a working group that is accountable to the System Management advisory Committee (SMC) which is a Tier 2, Queensland Health Governance System Committee. (Please contact us for more information about the Queensland Health System Governance Chart – Tier 2 Committees).


Queensland Health is committed to improving health care services for all people and addressing health inequity and vulnerability across the State. Identifying priority areas of unmet need is a significant step in supporting investment based on population need within a region. Undertaking a thorough health needs assessment will help inform a more equitable integrated commissioning approach, where investment is allocated to areas of greatest need.

The group will comprise approximately 10 other members, including Departmental representatives, HHS executive planners, Health and Wellbeing Queensland and consumer representation.
See draft Terms of Reference for information. (more…)