December eNews

In this issue

  • From our Chair
  • From our Chief Executive Officer
  • In the Spotlight: Dean Johnson
  • Consumer opportunities
  • Speaker Bureaus

And more….

November eNews

In this issue:

  • From the Chair
  • From the General Manager
  • Queensland Health Consumers Collaborative
  • Case studies needed
  • Out and About
  • Barrett Adolescent Centre Commission of Inquiry
  • Networking sessions
  • Stakeholder priorities for research in health communication and participation
  • Did you know?
  • Introducing the Hip Fracture Care Clinical Care Standard
  • Consumer Opportunities
  • Care at End of Life
  • New website: End of Life Law in Australia
  • Things to do
  • The Last Word …

e-News April

In this issue:

  • Message from our Chair
  • New partnerships, new leaders: Co-design transforming health services – at our annual forum
  • Consumer profile: Hamza Vayani
  • Board of director profiles
  • Peer support for consumer representatives
  • Training for consumers and health service staff
  • Opportunities to have your say
  • Public lecture: Identifying doctors at highest risk of claims and complaints
  • Final word

e-News March 2016

In this March 2016 issue:

  • Message from the Board Chair of Health Consumers Queensland
  • Do you partner with consumers in your role?
  • Consumer profile: Doug Porter, “Making life easier”
  • Funding for health innovations
  • Disturbing disability facts
  • Radio COTA

e-News December

In this issue:

  • Health Consumers Queensland 2015 in review: Chair, Mark Tucker-Evans
  • What’s on the horizon: General Manager, Melissa Fox
  • Health Consumers Queensland Launch
  • Training for health services – February is booked out
  • Queensland Health Consumers Collaborative
    • Profile on Mr Harry Pitt
  • For your diary: Dates for networking sessions 2016
  • Consumer representative vacancies
  • Opportunity for consumers and health professionals
  • Congratulations to new Board Director of Consumers Health Forum
  • Useful websites
  • Media statement: Nurse to patient legislation introduced
  • Office opening hours over Christmas