Health Consumers Queensland is pleased to invite staff of Queensland Health to our newly revitalised training program.

Advanced Consumer Partnerships
24 July 2024
10am-11.30am online

Build upon your foundational understanding of consumer partnerships. This training will drill down to the finer points of developing strong and successful consumer partnerships, from navigating challenges to moving to the next level of engagement, and will give you practical steps to review the health of your partnership along the way.

This training session is open to Queensland Health staff who have completed the Foundations of Consumer Partnerships training session or similar.

Foundations of Consumer Partnerships
13 August 2024
10am-11.30am online

Add to your knowledge and increase your confidence to partner. Discover the basics of consumer partnering, the key to developing a strong foundation for your partnerships, and how to measure your success.

By participating in this program you will:
• Build a solid understanding of the basic elements of consumer partnerships
• Understand the why and how of developing productive and respectful partnerships with consumers
• Learn the theory and background of partnering with consumers, and explore the ideas that underpin this essential way of working.

This training session is open to Queensland Health staff regardless of experience in consumer partnerships.

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