Consumer Consultations

Consumer views on current topics

A seat at the decision-making table

As the State faces an uncertain economic future with the pandemic draining the public purse, a looming recession and a significant burden of chronic disease and health inequity, key decisions about funding, resourcing and service priorities are only going to get...

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Hospital in the Home Consumer Consultation Report

Clinical Excellence Queensland (CEQ) performs a stewardship role in relation to Queensland public Hospital in the Home (HITH) services. In recent years, while CEQ has collaborated with HITH services statewide to optimise the uptake of service delivery in Queensland,...

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What does safety in healthcare mean to you?

Safety is at the very foundation of healthcare, but how often do we think about what safe care looks and feels like to us? How often do we consider what the healthcare system does to keep us safe? Have you ever felt uncomfortable or unsafe when receiving healthcare?...

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Face masks: What more do consumers need to know

Recently the Chief Health Officer confirmed that Queenslanders should wear face masks when we can’t socially distance.  However, wearing face masks continues to be a topic of discussion and confusion amongst consumers. Eleven consumers from Health Consumers...

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A COVID-19 vaccine: Health consumers’ views

Although a vaccine for COVID-19 is not yet available, it’s high on the news agenda this week and keenly anticipated. According to peer-reviewed research published in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention journal, we need up to 80% vaccination to ensure herd...

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